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Ketchikan Youth Soccer League (KYSL)
P.O. Box 5271, Ketchikan, AK 99901
(907) 225-5975 msg., (907) 247-5975 fax
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Rain or Shine, Soccer All the Time
KYSL Mission Statement: The Ketchikan Youth Soccer League, Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and education of the sport of soccer.Our goal is to provide a healthy environment involving: 
skill building, competition, sportsmanship, soccer appreciation, teamwork and fun for all ages and abilities.

🚩 ⚽️ HELP WANTED! KYSL needs Referees! Earn $20 a Game! Training is Available! ⚽️ 🚩
Call or Text KYSL Referee Coordinator, Charles Oyedeji 907-617-7376, send message via Facebook Messenger, or email KYSL. 

📌 Outdoor Soccer 2020 Payment Due ✨✉️✨
Hello KYSL Families! Thank you for participating in the 2020 Outdoor Season! We had quite an experimental season playing with the COVID-19 threat. However, diligent safety practices throughout our community and low COVID-19 numbers enabled us to have all five divisions play safely! Great job everyone! So fantastic!

Thank you to those who have paid their outdoor fees. If you haven't made your payment yet, it can be mailed to: P.O. Box 5271 or delivered to the front door slot at 2721 7th Avenue. The late fee has been waived for late registrations. Here are the fees for this year: 2020 Adjusted Fees: K-1 $50*, 2-3 $60*, 4-5 $80**, 6-8 $80**, 9-12 $80**. If your family is experiencing a financial hardship due to COVID-19, we have scholarship forms available, so please do not hesitate to email us for a form.

KIC Members: Your registration can still be paid by KIC. Please make copy of front & back of the player’s KIC Membership Card & deliver to the KYSL office at the address above, or scan and send the document as a pdf via email. Please do not email photos.

*due to covid-19 K-3 divisions were unable to have a full season which normally takes place in June-July. 
KYSL Board adjusted the normal fee for the shortened season.
**thankfully our 4-12 divisions were able to have a full outdoor season

Outdoor 2020 Season - Esther Shea Fawn Mountain Field
✨🏅Thank you K-1, 2-3 & 4-5 Divisions for a SUPER FUN 2020 outdoor soccer season🏆🎉✨
6/8 Division - Click here for a tournament schedule. Click here for tournament standings.

9/12 Division - Click here (updated 10.21.20) for a tournament schedule. Click here for a tournament standings.
📌Due to Kayhi closure, KYSL has moved Thursday 15Oct game to Monday. This pushes the Championship 
to next Friday. To encourage social distancing and limit crossover, Game 6 has been moved to Sunday. 
Any further updates from KGBSD or EOC may require another update. Thank you for your patience 
and stay safe. #socialdistance #masks #10feetfromsideline

Please dress for the Weather! Add to Uniform: warm headband/hat, gloves, long sleeve shirt, leggings with uniform socks on the outside.

Summary KYSL Guidelines
​Players must wear shin guards with socks on the outside covering the shin guards, no jewelry(newly pierced ears is referee discretion, must be taped), 
tuck in shirts with uniform, wear athletic shoes or cleats (must be soccer cleats, no toe spike), stay hydrated bring water, do not share beverages, no food on the field/gym, players keep personal gear bags separated(plastic bag or bin if it is raining), and sorry no more hand shakes, high fives, or hugs.
        Soccer Ball Sizes,  K-3 = Size 3, 4-5 = Size 4, 6-12 = Size 5
Requirements/Guidelines will be updated as needed, coaches will take attendance at practice & games, due to COVID -19 please also keep track of 
practices & games you attend. If you are sick please stay home. If player will be absent for any reason, please notify coach ahead of time.
Click here to view KYSL Health Status Agreement

COVID SAFETY 2020 KYSL Outdoor Soccer Events:
- NO FOOD/GUM IN TRACK & FIELD AREAS (Exception = bleacher area)
- When Game Ball leaves Field of Play, use Feet Only to Return
- Click here to view KYSL Code of Conduct
- No Dogs or Bikes allowed inside the Gated & Fenced Track & Field Area
- KYSL Volunteers will relay reminders at the field as necessary

✨📸✨ DID YOU MISS TEAM PHOTOS Thurs 9/17 - Wed 9/23 or have Questions? ✨📸✨
Contact Shooting Starr Studio 907-617-9139 website

☀️⚽️☔️Weather Policy☔️⚽️☀️
When the KYSL Board of Directors and/or the KYSL President (the president will make every effort to consult with board members when reasonable or possible before making the decision) decide prior to a game that games and practices will be cancelled due to inclement or dangerous weather conditions, coaches will be notified as soon as possible. Notices will also be posted on the official website and Facebook page. Immediately prior to a game, the coaches and referee are responsible for canceling games or shortening the length of a game due to inclement weather. The coaches of the teams that are playing each other, with the referee will make the decision together. It's the responsibility of the coach to notify their Division Coordinator if they cancel a game. During the game the referee has the ultimate decision as to cancel a game due to unsafe weather conditions. Games that are cancelled will not be re-scheduled unless both coaches agree on an afternoon during the week to play the make up games. 🚸🚌 In the event the school district (KGBSD) cancels school or closes school due to weather, all KYSL games and practices will be cancelled⚠️

☔️⛈⚽️⚠️ WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: for updated game information contact your coach
Safety First! Dress for the weather. Long sleeve athletic shirts and tight athletic pants can be worn under uniform. Gloves & hats/headband are acceptable.
Some other ideas: Wind proof blankets, store coat/bag in a garbage bag or waterproof container, bring towel for car seat, blanket & extra clothes/shoes for after practice/game, thermos of hot cocoa or tea. As always, if you choose to stay home, notify coach. If you are feeling sick, please stay home.
More information on Phases/Protocols see AYSA website.​ Click HERE to review AYSA Return to Play (RTP) Phases & Protocols

Please Click HERE to Visit or Join KYSL Facebook Page!

CDC HEADS UP to Youth Sports, Information about Concussions for Coaches, Parents, Referees, & Athletes, click HERE

Click HERE to access AYSA Forms used for KYSL such as: 
Accident-Incident Report Form- Due within 48- hours of Incident/ accident; for injury submit the Individual Insurance form,
Concussion Notification Form (League/Club), & Insurance Guidelines. Any questions email KYSL.

2020-21 KYSL Board Members:
Mandi Bowers - President, Mike Medford - Vice President, Jennifer Martin- Secretary, Jason Evison - Treasurer, Charles Oyedeji- Referee Coordinator, and Directors, Marissa Medford, Ray Dell, Jenny Begley, Rhonnel Cadiente, Angela Heck, Whitney Crittenden
Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact KYSL via email, Facebook Messenger or any Board Member. You may also join in on our Board 
Meetings are open to the public. Public comments agenda item open at beginning of each meeting. 
📌 KYSL Board Meetings are the 3rd Monday every month, email KYSL or visit Facebook for updated location*
*Update: Due to 9/12 Championship, October board meeting will be Monday 10/26 6pm Landing Hotel Jeremiah’s Meeting Room

Thank You 2020 KYSL Outdoor Team Sponsors!